Special interests in Bhutan?

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Bike Seat


Biking in Bhutan is an experience unlike anywhere else. Come and experience cycling trails on the very roof of the world!

Image by Mahkeo


With a Buddhist heritage centered around harmony, oneness, and love, Bhutan is an ideal destination for newlyweds.

Image by Epicurrence

Helicopter Trip

Not high enough? Not an issue. Book a helicopter flight and admire the roof of the world from the clouds.

Image by Harley-Davidson


With so much to see, and so many places to go, a motorbike is an excellent way to explore all that Bhutan has to offer.

Photography Techniques


There is no lack of mesmerizing well-known photographs of Bhutan’s natural splendor, so why not make your very own?

Image by Vince Fleming


In such mountainous terrain, Bhutan has a long tradition of archery. A tradition you can share in with our expert marksmen.

Gold Wedding Rings


Where better than where the earth and the heavens meet for you and your beloved to begin the next chapter of your life?

Image by Diane Helentjaris

Bird Watching

Birds have a special place in Bhutanese culture, which is not surprising in light of the many wondrous species that can be seen.


Water Rafting

Bhutan is home to beautiful rafting routes. Spring and Autumn have the best conditions for this activity.

Image by Will Porada


Anyone can golf in a country club. But here, whether you get that hole in one or not, you’ll still be towering over them all.

Image by Vadym Lebedych


Sometimes, the simple pleasures are the best, and very few things beat a warm fire at night with good company.

Image by Artur Rutkowski

Traditional Medicine

An ancient culture, the Bhutanese people give great importance to tradition, having preserved medicines generation after generation.

Image by Kayla Maurais


With a deep Buddhist and Hindu heritage, Bhutan is ideal for a retreat from the metaphysical and a deep dive into the spiritual.

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