Incredible Destinations at Your Fingertips

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With so few tourists and foreign passage into the country, it is only natural for Bhutan’s environmental treasures to be so pristine and widespread, offering unmatched opportunities for exploration and adventure. No matter where you go, or what you do, you can bask in the knowledge that you are one of the select few to have ever enjoyed it. Whereas not so long ago, one would have needed to organize an entire expedition with supplies and porters simply to travel through the countrysides, we are proud to offer you a number of trips catered to your needs, all in comfort and style!

Our most popular trekking packages

6 Days

Druk Path

67,000 Baht (including flight)

An adventurous package that takes you through the beautiful and mesmerizing countryside of Bhutan, hiking through the highest mountain ranges in the world and witnessing scenery unseen anywhere else in the world.

Thimphu - Paro - Phajoding - Simkotra Tsho - Janach Lakha - Jili Dzong - Jaydika

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For those with a bit more time, our seven day package extends your hiking trip to add iconic locations that would otherwise be difficult to access in due time, with incredible sights along the way, and magnificent panoramic views of the surroundings.

7 Days

Jamolhari Loop

74,500 Baht (including flight)

Paro - Thimpu - Sharna Zampa - Thangthanakha - Jangothana - Soi Yaktsa - Thombu Shong - Gunitsawa

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A long journey lies ahead

This packages will contain a considerable amount of walking and exploring. Get ready for an adventure of a lifetime in a paradise untouched by the complexities of the modern world. Here, where the earth and the heavens meet, where the very earth of the world rises to pierce the clouds, you will experience surroundings and wildlife unlike anywhere else on the planet. Don't miss out on a unique and unmatched experience.

Lets craft the perfect experience for you